Bundle of Joy or Blunder

So I finally decided to stop holding myself back. I love photography. I love taking pictures. Some people think I’m fabulous at it. Some people probably don’t, but that’s ok, I don’t like every song on the radio but clearly someone did. I started booking a few sessions. The Senior pics went over well. I…

A Thousand Words

My step-dad gave me huge compliments about the composition of my photos. He wasn’t one to ever blow sunshine at us, compliments were truly earned and I think his words gave me a sense of pride, that I had created something special.

Blog post title

This is the excerpt for a placeholder post. It can be deleted, or edited to make it your own.

The Road from Nashville

I used to think going to Nashville would be my daughter’s amazing journey. Turns out, the road home was better.

Creatures Great and Small

I love dragonflies. They’re not as pretty and perfect as butterflies. Sometimes you have to look carefully to see their beauty. I think I can relate to that.

A Morning Walk

Mother Nature is one of our greatest gifts. No matter what God you worship, you can’t deny one exists just by looking outside.